jive event files

From version 1.3, agora can read an ATLAS JiveXML event file and visualise the Jet entities. On various platforms, the best is to deposit a JiveXML_<run>_<event>.xml file in the document directory of the app and then use :

     files -> agora              -> *.xml # on OSX, Linux, Windows
     files -> fr.in2p3.lal.agora -> *.xml # on Android
     files -> Documents          -> *.xml # on iOS

to load it. The "*.xml" menu item permits to filter out and present only the files with .xml extension. The .jive extension had been introduced in agora to ease file "get and read" on iOS and Android platforms and someone can use the "*.jive" to filter them.

According to the platform, the document directory is :

     UNIX : ~/Documents/agora
     Windows : C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Documents\agora
     Android : /sdcard/Android/data/fr.in2p3.lal.agora
     iOS : <app dir>/Documents.


On Android various file manager apps can permit you to get data from elsewhere (for example on various clouds as dropbox) and deposit the file under the directory :


At installation agora also declares the file extension .jive to the system so that an event file with this extension passed through a gmail attachement can be "open in..." straight to agora. (agora should appear in the "open in..." app list).


On iOS, the file manager is more or less hidden and it is not so easy to deposit a file straight in the sandbox document directory of the app from the device. If the device is connected to a Mac, someone can deposit a file here by using iTune/apps/agora. If not, here too, at installation of the app the .jive file extension is declared to iOS so that a file with this extension passed through a Mail attachement can be "open in..." straight to agora. It permits also to pass files to the app through AirDrop or through iCloud. (Up so fare, with iOS 9.3 it did not work for us with Safari and Dropbox :-( ).

.xml ?

The .xml file extension looks too general/generic to be "declared to the system" on both Android and iOS. It appears that doing so introduces not desired side effects. (For example on Android agora would be presented as a "contac app" when choosing some phone number!).

Incidentally we would strongly encourage ATLAS to enforce a file extension for their xml visualization event files!

example files

Note that example files come with the app in the "resources" directory and can be opened with :

     files -> Resources -> *.xml (or *.jive)  # on desktops
     files -> files     -> *.xml (or *.jive)  # on Android
     files -> agora.app -> *.xml (or *.jive)  # on iOS


The "good old ftp" can also be used to get files. Use the "ftp -> add, save" sub menu items to declare your own ftp area to the app.